Nilausen Consult

Lerbakken 10,
3460 Birkerod, Denmark
Phone +45 29 88 91 51
Skype: hnilausen
Linked In: Henning Nilausen

Nilausen Consult works with

  • Strategic advice on policy development
  • Performance Management
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Programme Development, Project Development and Implementation Processes
  • PPP – Public, Private Partnering
  • Outsourcing and Development Partnerships
  • Public Procurement – preparation of TOR for Tenders
  • Public Marketing – preparation of Proposals for Public Tenders
  • Customized Services
  • Organizational Development and Business Processes in Social and Health Care Sector
  • Enterprises
  • Mentoring for Managers

Henning Nilausen holds a M. Sc. in Political Science. His fields of expertise are: Public Sector Reform, Good Governance, Public-Private-Partnering, Public Procurement and General Management. Henning Nilausen has 30+ years of working experiences from core positions in ministries in Denmark – Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Social Affairs and top management positions in various local governments as well as eight years experience as consultant for public and private companies. Henning Nilausen is an experienced board member, and for 20+ years he has been external examiner in Political Science at five Danish Universities and Copenhagen Business School.

Besides Denmark, Henning Nilausen has worked in Nepal, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and Malawi.

About Nilausen Consult

Clients and cases

Nilausen Consult is established December 2009. Among the clients are:

  •   Gribskov Municipality
  •   Guldborgsund Municipality
  •   Lejre Municipality
  •   Bornholms Municipality
  •   Hørsholm Municipality
  •   Helsingør Municipality
  •   Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  •   Ministry of Finance
  •   Centre for Social Development
  •   Big scale private providers of elderly care (two companies)
  •   Danish – globally operating- management consultancy
  •   LOS (Association of Private Providers of Social Services in Denmark)
  •   Diakonissestiftelsen
  •   Fonden Mariehjemmene
  •   Novavi
  •   Behandlingsskolerne
  •   Egholt
  •   Concura
  •   Danish private hospital
  •   Dhulikhel Hospital, Nepal
  •   First Himal Resort, Nepal (start-up)

Further references upon request. Nilausen Consult will at any time observe professional secrecy and full confidentiality on client issues.

Nykredit Bank
Register number 5479
Account number 6479178

CVR: 32514103
IBAN: DKDK4530000010600502

Nilausen Consult is personally owned by Henning Nilausen.

Sponsorship: Nilausen Consult sponsors NepaliMed Denmark 


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